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Improving your writing skills
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Are you looking for ways to improve Molière’s mother tongue? Whether you’re a student or a professional, whether you wish to sharpen your spelling and grammar, or simply to write better emails at work, you’ll progress quickly with French individual lessons. No time to waste on notions you already know! Themes can be inspired by your actual job or studies. For example, if you are a nurse, vocabulary can be focused on medical terms. Would you prefer to learn in a more playful context while socializing? Opt instead for a group class. Groups consist of 5 to 10 people who can come from anywhere in the world. Who knows, you may even find your next travel destination! Would you like to learn French with colleagues or friends? That’s totally possible too!

Online Private Lessons

In the comfort of your own home!

With La Prof à Côté, each private lesson is prepared with care and personalized according to the needs of each student. Everything is designed to maximize results while having fun. After all, who said you could not combine business with pleasure? Moreover, there is no commitment in the long term. You can book one private lesson at a time. You can cancel or transfer your session up to 24 hours in advanced worry-free.  Classes are live – they are not recordings. This makes the learning process so much more dynamic and interesting!

Rest assured, La Prof à Côté will personally teach all your classes!  Large teaching enterprises cannot guarantee the lesson quality: you can be paired with a teacher with little experience. Chance determines the type of help you will have. With La Prof à Côté, you are guaranteed to have a teacher with more than 14 years of experience who is passionate about teaching.

Choosing  French online lessons with La Prof à Côté is choosing to learn outside the box with an experienced teacher in the comfort of your home. Whatever your needs, wherever you are, day or night, for an hour or ten, La prof à côté is here to help! In addition, there are no membership or administration fees.

What I can do

I can  find mental or emotional blockages that lead to misconceptions like “I’m not good at …”, or a problem of stress management. If we start our sessions and I realize that the problem is not in my field of expertise, I have no problem to refer you to a specialist who will help you.

What You Absolutely Need

A fast and stable internet connection
Onenote (free version)
an email address
A desire to have fun while learning!

How Does It Work?

I use both Skype and Onenote to conduct my classes. Both are free software available for any kind of system ( Windows, Mac or Linux).

Take note of the emails, usernames and passwords you choose. Keep them handy. Sometimes you may have to reconnect. I suggest you make a reminder page on your desktop or on paper.


Make sure to download the latest version available. I strongly recommend that you test it before our first class. You can learn how to use Skype here.


First of all, if you have Windows, check if you don’t already have it on your computer. You can use that version, however it is often very basic. If you want a free but more complete version, download Onenote 2013. You do not need a paid version to follow the classes. Here is how Onenote works. Best Free Version: Onenote 2013

Transfer a Shared File to Onenote

Before Class

Once you have booked your session, just open Skype and Onenote five minutes before class. I will contact you through Skype at the designated time.


Why are my rates so low? Simply because I firmly believe that education should be accessible to all. I want an average income family to be able to benefit from my services without putting a rope around their neck financially.

Not Sure What Would Suit You Best?

Contact me! We can determine together what will correspond best to your needs.