About me

I have a  special education degree and a 12-year experience of international teaching. These assets help me find where the learning difficulties lie and resolve them quickly. I feel that my greatest strengths reside in the fact that I am curious and I love to learn new things.




I graduated with a Special Education bachelor’s degree in 1993 (Canada). My journey started teaching behavior problem teenagers in Native American Reserves, then moved on to international schools in Germany and Turkey. Although I loved my profession, I felt hindered by the school system. For me, the learning process is vital. If a student doesn’t understand adding numbers, there is no point in teaching him how to multiply. Unfortunately, numerous schools focus on the curriculum rather than the individual needs of their students. My frustrations grew strong enough that I left teaching to seek a new profession. As I am curious and interested in many topics,  I learned about beekeeping and permaculture and worked for a marketing agency. However, no matter what I tried, it always boiled down to one thing: I was obsessed with finding a way to teach these new occupations.


Back in Canada since 2014, I’ve been actively trying to find a way to practice the profession I feel passionate about in a context that allows me to focus on what I find is the most important: teaching what really needs to be taught so my students can thrive and succeed. I discovered recently that the online school fits me like a glove. That is why I’m now devoting it all my efforts fulltime.




Verdon, France

This said I believe that my greatest strength is my curiosity. This precious quality makes me thrive to always learn new stuff. In the past years, I have studied neurolinguistics, herbalism, video montage and photoshop in my free time. I also obtained a Life Coach Certificate. I am presently learning the flute and I would like to make small animation videos to complement my lessons. Life is a big playground! 🙂


My Real Life Sidekicks



Musician, teacher and a true Quebecer at heart, he may not be the kind of boyfriend that notices my new haircut but always finds the right words to make me smile. This great metal fan laughs easily and has a remarkable talent for drums, cooking, and jokes that only he and an elite group find funny (I’m not part of them). He teaches one of the most exciting subjects at Tremblant College: Economy*. He’s my life companion and I am very lucky to have him by my side!

* For those of you who not familiar with the Quebec curriculum, I am being very sarcastic here as very few students like Economy.




Empress Mimi

Empress Mimi is the most capricious cat I know. For example, Madame wants to be petted when she eats-she categorically refuses to eat alone. If we have the misfortune of ignoring her, she meows as if she had been ripped open, day and night, until we go pet her. Nonetheless, she can be affectionate when she feels like it. She spends most of her time perched on the backyard balcony observing with disdain the filthy creatures that fill her universe, in other words, all living beings apart from her humans. She particularly hates Melisse, a huge, dirty and often wet beast that stinks of mud and poop.




Frisky Melisse

Melisse was born in the French Alps. Although she isn’t purebred, most of her dominant traits come from the Border Collie and Beauceron. Day or night, she is always ready to play. Even when she seems asleep, she is ready to go in less than a few seconds if she hears a door open. During the summer, she swims every day in a lake near our house and plays in the snow during the wintertime. She loves agility games, and of course balls, Frisbees, sticks or anything that you can eternally throw over and over again. She unfortunately loves to roll in fresh poop when she gets the chance.