About me

I have a  special education degree and a 12-year experience of international teaching. These assets help me find where the learning difficulties lie and resolve them quickly. I feel that my greatest strengths reside in the fact that I am curious and I love to learn new things.

A Life Abroad

I graduated with a Special Education bachelor’s degree in 1993 (Canada). My journey started teaching behavior problem teenagers in Native American Reserves, then moved on to international schools in Germany and Turkey. Although I loved my profession, I felt hindered by the school system. For me, the learning process is vital. If a student doesn’t understand adding numbers, there is no point in teaching him how to multiply. Unfortunately, numerous schools focus on the curriculum rather than the individual needs of their students. My frustrations grew strong enough that I left teaching to seek a new profession. As I am curious and interested in many topics,  I learned about beekeeping and permaculture and worked for a marketing agency. However, no matter what I tried, it always boiled down to one thing: I was obsessed with finding a way to teach these new occupations.

Back in Canada

Back in Québec since 2014, I’ve been actively trying to find a way to practice the profession I feel passionate about in a context that allows me to focus on what I find is the most important: teaching what really needs to be taught so my students can thrive and succeed. I discovered recently that the online school fits me like a glove. That is why I’m now devoting it all my efforts fulltime.

Life is a big playground

This said I believe that my greatest strength is my curiosity. This precious quality makes me thrive to always learn new stuff. In the past years, I have studied neurolinguistics, video montage and photoshop in my free time. I also obtained a Life Coach Certificate. I am presently learning herbalism, painting and also creating a show for young children ( in French-see my video pilot “Luciole et le grand livre magique”).